Game Music

A Spider is Born on a Cloudy Day (January 2018, 3:16)
A semi-ambient piece I wrote for the game Silky Way at the 2018 Global Game Jam.

Traffic Jam Saturn [extended] (August 2013, 2:30)
An extension of a piece I wrote at the 48-hour game jam, MolyJam Deux. The original version was used as soundtrack for the game Consequences, by Itamar Curiel and Yaniv Cogan.

2013 Echo (July 2013, 3:52)
A cooperation with Michael Preminger, this is an extension of a piece I composed in 2008 for a now-abandoned game called Cursor Crazy.

Elevator 37 (July 2012, 3:09)
This strange track starts off as a fast-paced garage-style background track before devolving into an atonal piano/e-piano duet in 37/16. Composed for Stinky’s Labyrinth 3.